Empreinte territoriale

Coordinator for Component 2: Preparedness and operational assistance

Line management under the supervision of the Team Leader and reports to him/her.

Country or Region MENA (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria) the key expert will be home based and will be mobilized in the MENA area in the framework of short-term mission in the project. 

Duration 5 months - full time support, starting 1st September 2020 to 31st January 2021

Project description : 

The overall objective is to strengthen partner countries capacities to develop and implement strategies that build societal resilience against all hazards, natural and man-made threats through capacity building activities, legislative and institutional advices, and support to cross-border cooperation framework, aligned to the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) and its cooperation with DG ECHO.

The general purpose of this contract is to increase awareness, foster the analytical and operational capacity and encourage the cooperation opportunities at a national, regional and international levels to ensure better efficiency.

The main objectives are :

  • Enhance national system capacities in disaster management based on prevention, mitigation and preparedness with the involvement of all relevant State and non-State actors;
  • Develop national, regional and international coordination and cooperation based on coherent approaches and actions to prevention, preparedness and response, including closer institutional cooperation between the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) and the South partner countries.

The core team is composed of three coordinators and led by a Team Leader from Expertise France.

They have to ensure smooth and reactive coordination between the project team management and participating civil protection agencies.

Expertise France manages the project from its headquarter together with a Team Leader.

Italy leads Component 1 - Prevention, assessment, analysis capacities.

France leads Component 2 - Operational support & Response capacities.

Spain leads component 3 - Volunteerism & urgence processes dedicated to citizens

Job description : 

A. General objective

The coordinator of the component 2 “Preparedness & Operational assistance” is mobilised to enhance the operational capacities of the regional partners (MENA). The coordinator will be a permanent advisor within the project management team. The key expert will co-lead with the Team Leader the component 2. The close coordination between component 1 & component 2 is required and involves a transverse intervention of both component coordinators in order to avoid overlapping of roles/expertise. Expertise and training within the C1 is required.

B. Description of the task to be assigned

  • Providing specific emergency preparedness from natural & man-made disasters assessment – ANMO partner countries
  • Synergies with component 1 participating in training and providing expertise
  • Providing technical guidance and inputs for emergency preparedness, including but not limited to: establishing and/or improving crisis management systems, centers and operations; strengthening search and rescue capacities; improving collection, analysis and dissemination of data for better decision-making for emergencies; and legal and institutional framework for improved emergency response
  • Functional inter-institutional coordination
  • Emergency planning
  • Facilitate and act as a focal point & go between the civil protection agencies (MENA) and the project management team.
  • Ensure regular high quality reporting on the activities related to component 2 (to be validated by the Team Leader and sent to Expertise France which is the delegated authority of PPRD South III).
  • Organise and conduct the activities of component 2.
  • Ensure a good coordination among the different geographical areas and the various components of the project
  • Draft in collaboration with other experts mission reports, the annual progress report and the final report
  • Any other task requested by Expertise France for the PPRD South III project.

​​​​​​​C. Deliverables

  • Participate in the writing of the inception report / progress / final report in close collaboration with the project team.
  • Contribute to the update of the logframe matrix regarding the component 2.
  • Review technical reports / documents of the outcomes / activities related to emergency preparedness to verify if they are linked to the UCPM strategy.
  • Agenda / program / Evaluation of each activity implemented into the component 2 and mission reports.
  • Define work plan / road map (including operational planification / needs identification & expertise needs) of the component 2, in coordination with the core project team with a double dimension (national & regional).
  • Design trainings, regional and national workshops under the component 2.
  • Develop ToRs for various activities on emergency preparedness in consultation with the ANMO partners under the supervision of the Team Leader.
  • Design and implementation of tailored capacity building actions.
  • Any other deliverables requested by Expertise France in the framework of PPRD South III.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​D. Qualifications and skills

  • University degree (BA or MA or equivalent) in emergency management or emergency preparedness or any topic relevant to the program PPRD
  • Knowledge of the European Commission project cycle management and Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM)
  • Strong experience in training activities & pedagogical skills (training curricula, evaluation post training and support materials).
  • Understanding of the UN Sendai Framework for disaster risk reduction
  • Advanced communication and interpersonal skills to interact with various stakeholders during crisis.
  • Ability to use and deploy academic knowledge, technical and educational tools.
  • Ability to develop and deliver multiple tasks in strict deadlines,
  • Knowledge of the risks of the area and disaster prevention policies in place
  • Experience in at least one of the PPRD South III MENA partner countries
  • Excellent reporting skills (French and English versions)
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and French; knowledge of Arabic would be an asset.

Professional experience

  • 3-5 years’ experience in civil protection, operational assistance, capacity building.
  • Proven experience in the implementation of international or institutional cooperation project (EU/ECHO/NEAR is an asset)
  • Demonstrated familiarity and work experience on emergency preparedness
  • 2 years of experience in capacity building / training will be an asset.
  • Mastering of operational and organisational civil protection stakes.
  • Proven adaptation to multicultural working environment
  • Proven skills in planification and supervision of activities
  • Speaking and writing English at an advanced level

Job is based at the DGSCGC Place beauvau – 75008 Paris Cedex 8.

Application procedure:

CIVIPOL is the operator for the French Ministry of Interior – DGSCGC. The candidate can be recruited as an employee contract or can be a seconded expert from a SDIS/administration.

Applications should be sent directly to Expertise France, DGSCGC and CIVIPOL.

Applications must be in English, sent by e-mail using the following subject: “PPRD South III_KE2” 

All applications must include the following:

  • CV
  • Cover letter


Expertise France : Hana BEN YOUNES: hana.ben-younes@expertisefrance.fr

DGSCGC: Bruno ULLIAC bruno.ulliac@interieur.gouv.fr; Fanny MOTEL fanny.motel@interieur.gouv.fr

CIVIPOL: Jesus MARVAL CASTILLO marvalcastillo.j@civipolfr

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