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  • Prometheus Project: Training sessions about “Detection of people's behavior” in Georgia

    Posted on 30 March 2021

    After 15 months of implementation, Prometheus Project was able to resume the on-site and face-to-face trainings in March 2021 in Georgia. Three training sessions on detecting the behavior of people took place on March 11-12, 15-16 and 18-19 in Tbilisi, at the Patrol Police Department Headquarters and at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    The first session of this training took place on March 10 and 11, 2020 at Tbilisi International Airport but had to be interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    This training, both theoretical and practical, was requested by the Georgian authorities. It is dedicated to the detection of people with suspicious and potentially risk profiles, attitudes and behavior. Unfortunately, due to the current health situation, the sessions could not take place at Tbilisi airport and the practical exercises were limited.

    2 French experts from the Safety Office of the Central Directorate of the French Border Police (DCPAF), Messrs. Yvan Kara and Benjamin Delachal, came to Georgia and conducted this training which was attended by 35 Georgian police officers. The trainees came mainly from Tbilisi airport but also from Koutaissi and Batumi airports as well as from the Sarpi border post (land border between Georgia and Turkey). After their active and dynamic participation, the trainees received a diploma.

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