Terms of Use

Purpose of the website

The purpose of CIVIPOL's website (bilingual French/English site) is to present the services offered by the company.

CIVIPOL's website is aimed at all audiences interested in or following the matters in which the company is engaged.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern the use of CIVIPOL's website and are subject to French law. They are applicable as soon as you access the website, whether from the homepage or from any other page.

CIVIPOL reserves the right to modify and update the site's Terms of Use at any time. Each new version of the Terms of Use will be numbered and dated and will come into effect on the date on which it is published on CIVIPOL's website. It applies under the conditions described in the paragraph above.

We recommend that you regularly consult the legal notices and the Terms of Use in force at the time of accessing the website, whether from the homepage or from any other page.

Access to the website

CIVIPOL's website is accessible at the URL address www.civipol.fr, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure, computer breakdowns, maintenance operations, updates or problems associated with telecommunication networks.

Access to CIVIPOL's website, as well as the information and services offered on the site, is free of charge.

Accès aux espaces et services du site internet

Access to public services

Certain services offered on the website are public, i.e. they are open to everyone.

To use these services, you may need to create an account (username and password) depending on the terms applicable to the service concerned.

Access to personal spaces

Certain areas on CIVIPOL's website are reserved for its members, rights holders or persons exploiting the works in its catalogue. Special terms and conditions are required to access and enjoy a personal space. Information about these terms and conditions is given on the corresponding pages of the website.

Obligations relating to all website spaces and services

The username and password required to access spaces and services are personal and strictly confidential. You must therefore restrict use of these to your own personal use.

All actions undertaken on the website using your username and/or password are considered to have been carried out by you. You are exclusively responsible for any consequences arising from the disclosure of these details to third parties.

You undertake to inform CIVIPOL immediately about any unauthorised use of your username and/or password and, more generally, about any security breach affecting CIVIPOL's website that comes to your attention.

Personal data protection

CIVIPOL attaches great importance to personal data protection. CIVIPOL implements technical and organisational measures to ensure effective protection of your data in accordance with applicable regulations.

Personal data processing

CIVIPOL collects and processes personal data when you visit the site and use the services and spaces offered on the site in order to carry out and fulfil its various missions in accordance with its articles of association and with applicable regulations.

You can find full details about GDPR at the following address: https://www.civipol.fr/rgpd


A cookie is a file sent by the internet server to your browser and stored in your computer's memory.

You can find full details about cookies at the following address: https://www.civipol.fr/cookies

Intellectual property

All component parts of CIVIPOL's website (texts, artwork, software, photographs, images, sounds, videos, drawings, logos, brands, creations, miscellaneous protectable works, databases, etc.), as well as the site itself, are subject to French and international intellectual property laws and, more specifically, the laws relating to copyright, related rights (in particular, Articles L. 122-4 and L. 122-5 of the French Intellectual Property Code) and trademark rights.

They are the exclusive property of CIVIPOL, apart from the parts created by external parties that have not transferred their intellectual property rights. Under these Terms of Use, no right of ownership is conferred over CIVIPOL's website or over any of its component parts.

Therefore, any person consulting CIVIPOL's website and using its services agrees as follows:

  • Not to incorporate all or part of the content of NONAME's website into a third party site, for commercial purposes or otherwise,
  • Not to reproduce the information published on NONAME's website on media of any kind with which all or some of the original files can be reconstructed.

Subject, in particular, to Articles L. 122-5, L. 211-3 and L. 342-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code, where CIVIPOL's website or any of its component parts is used without express authorisation, this will constitute an infringement of intellectual property rights. It may also constitute an infringement of the right of personal portrayal, personal rights or any other current rights and regulations. The person responsible for that infringement may therefore be held liable under civil and/or criminal law.

CIVIPOL reserves the right to take all legal remedies against persons who breach the prohibitions contained in this clause.


CIVIPOL accepts no liability:

  • If access to CIVIPOL's site is interrupted for reasons including, but not limited to, technical maintenance or operations to update published information,
  • If it is impossible to access online spaces and services for reasons including, but not limited to, technical problems of any source or origin,
  • If you suffer direct or indirect damage of any kind as a result of the content, access or use of the website,
  • If the CIVIPOL website is used abnormally or illegally. You alone are liable for damage caused to third parties and for the consequences of any complaints or actions resulting therefrom. You also agree not to bring any action against CIVIPOL if legal proceedings are instituted by a third party against you in connection with illegal use and/or exploitation of the site.

You agree to use CIVIPOL's website in accordance with these Terms of Use and, more generally, in accordance with current laws, public policy and morality. You agree not to distribute any unsolicited advertising or materials ("spam") and any content containing computer viruses.

CIVIPOL accepts no liability for loss of your username and/or password or if your identity is assumed by another.

Finally, NONAME reserves the right to bring any legal remedies against any person acting in breach of Articles 323-1 to 323-8 of the French Criminal Code or any articles replacing the named articles, and, in particular, against any person who fraudulently access all or part of the automated data processing system used for the spaces and services offered on the website.

Updated on 21/03/2019