Organization chart

The management of CIVIPOL is composed of 5 members

Yann Jounot

Chief Executive Officer

The prefect Yann Jounot is assigned to the Ministry of the Interior where he carries out most of his career after leaving the National School of Administration (promotion Fernand Braudel 1987).
President word

Omar Merabet

Adviser to the CEO

Born in 1967, holder of a Master of Advanced Studies in demographics and social sciences, Omar Merabet started out as a teacher-researcher, specialising in demographics and migration issues. From 1997 to 2005 he was a volunteer and a reseacher in Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Mali, where he held various positions, including advisor to the director general of the Institute for Demographic Research (IFORD, Cameroon). He joined Civipol in 2006 as head of the international cooperation unit, then as director of the technical assistance unit. He has been advisor to M Jounot, CEO of Civipol,...

Bertrand Barbe

Deputy to the President, Director of Operations and Development

Born on 18 November 1972, a graduate of the École Nationale (Supérieure) des Finances Publiques, Bertrand Barbé worked for a time as a civil servant in the public finance administration before specialising in international cooperation. He joined ADETEF, the public agency for international technical cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, as Finance Director.  During the same period, he helped set up France Coopération International, the operator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In April 2012, he joined France Expertise International as Deputy Director General.  When the international...

Pierre-Yves Buquet

Strategy and Security adviser to the CEO

Born in 1969, a graduate of the Sorbonne with a Master’s in Geopolitics, Pierre-Yves Buquet spent fifteen years at the Ministry of Defence (now the Ministry of the Armed Forces). In 2006, he joined the Directorate for the Protection and Security of the State of the General Secretariat for National Defence (now SGDSN). In this position, he designed, led and organised the analysis of the major crisis management exercises dedicated to the training of the cabinets of the French Presidency of the Republic, the French Prime minister and the ministers. Starting 2010, he served as the adviser on...

The General and Institutional Affairs Directorate is composed of 15 members

Véronique Franquet

Head of Financial Affairs and General Resources

Véronique has a master’s degree in accounting, obtained in the Hauts de France region. Following a career in purchasing departments of large groups, and the a period with the Mazars consulting firm, she joined Civipol in 2005 where she become the head of the project accountants in the Finance unit.

Mohamed Hadboun


Mohamed has a diploma in management accounting and a certificate in tax reporting and analysis from the Francis Lefebvre training centre. He spent most of his career working for companies in the oil sector. He joined Civipol in March 2015 as a general accountant. His functions involve calculating tax liabilities, and supervising the accounts of the Milipol Group.

Florent Teissonnière


Florent has baccalaureate in economics and social studies, and a diploma in management accounting. He spent most of his career as an accountant in a clothing manufacturer, then in a firm of chartered accountants. He joined Civipol in September 2005 and is now in charge of current accounts.

Zakia Hamani

Projects accountant

Zakia has a diploma in accounting, obtained on a work-study programme. She has spent her career as an accountant in the tourism industry. She joined Civipol in December 2013 as a project accountant.  In particular, she manages the accounts for large projects in the Central African Republic and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Julie Noyer

Projects accountant

Julie has a diploma in accounting.  She also has higher diploma in commercial strategy, acquired through validation of her professional experience. Après une carrière passée en SSII durant laquelle elle s’occupe de comptabilité et d’administration des ventes, Julie entre chez CIVIPOL en septembre 2017. She manages the accounting affairs of a large number of projects, in particular the de-radicalisation project in the Nigerian prison system and the fight against organised crime in South America.

Charlotte Eugène

Projects accountant

Charlotte EUGENE holds a BTS in Accounting and Organizational Management as well as a Bachelor's degree in Administration and International Exchange with a specialization in Human Resources. After working at the NCBF (National Child Benefit Fund) for a few months, Charlotte did a professionalization contract in an accounting firm, and also joined other companies as a supplier accountant. Charlotte joined CIVIPOL at the end of January 2020 as a project accountant.

Laurence Angevin Canarelli

Head of Travels

Laurence has a degree in language and literature, and a diploma in tourism. During her long career in business travel, she has managed offices for Havas and American Express within large companies. She joined Civipol in 2013 as an travel and logistics agent and later became head of the unit.

Laure Sérignac

Head of Management Secretariat

Laure has a degree in modern languages. She was a management secretary at Suez-Ineo, then in a firm of tax lawyers. She is in charge of the Secretariat, and serves as personal assistant to Prefect Jounot, CEO of CIVIPOL, and to Omar Merabet, adviser to the CEO.

Laetitia Chanet

Management Assistant

Laetitia joined the Air Force after her studies in Law and English.  She worked in the office of the Minister of Defence, then at the Centre for Operational Planning and Control. She then joined the national intelligence coordination unit of the office of the President of the Republic in 2010, and came to Civipol at the beginning of 2019. She is personal assistant to Jean-Simon Merandat and Bertrand Barbé.

Rekha Ratnavibhushana


Rekha has a diploma in art. She has experience in several areas, including as switchboard operator and receptionist in various companies in the private sector. She works as a secretary and receptionist at CIVIPOL.

Aurélia Gilardi

IT referent

Born in 1983, Aurélia Gilardi holds a bac pro in secretarial work and a BTS in executive assistant. Most of her career at the end of her studies was spent in an association promoting free software. Aurélia arrives in March 2016 at Civipol where she first takes on the role of project assistant with a focus on the fight against counterfeit drugs trafficking. She is now assistant for general resources.

The Operations and Development Branch is composed of 27 members

Bertrand Barbe

Deputy to the President, Director of Operations and Development

Born on 18 November 1972, a graduate of the École Nationale (Supérieure) des Finances Publiques, Bertrand Barbé worked for a time as a civil servant in the public finance administration before specialising in international cooperation. He joined ADETEF, the public agency for international technical cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, as Finance Director.  During the same period, he helped set up France Coopération International, the operator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In April 2012, he joined France Expertise International as Deputy Director General.  When the international...

Antoine le Noan

Adjoint au Directeur des Opérations et du développement

Antoine completed preparatory classes in Maths and Physics. He is an engineer and graduate from INPG Grenoble. His studies then turned towards management and he graduated from the ESSEC grande école. After a stint at Société Générale in London, he joined a management consultancy working in particular on participative finance projects. His commercial role led him to work on big public accounts. He began working for CIVIPOL in May 2017 where he is in charge of developing support for the security industries and consolidating CIVIPOL’s position as a leader of integrated offers, with the same goal...

Joana Judice

Head of Public Administration Unit

Joanna has a diploma in international relations from Sciences Po, Lisbon, and from Sciences Po, Strasbourg. Following her studies, she spent two years working in international relations at the Lisbon embassy, then specialised in urban security with the non-governmental organisation European Forum for Urban Security, where she worked in particular on prevention on delinquency. She then focused on acquiring European financing for this NGO. She joined Civipol in June 2018 as Head of the Public Administration Unit, where she uses her experience of the financial mechanisms of international sponsors...

Adeline Gleizal

Project Manager

Adeline has a degree in applied foreign languages (English and Spanish). She also has a master’s in humanitarian project development, and another master’s in politics and European affairs from the University of Aix-Marseille. After her studies, Adeline worked for a year in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the office of the junior minister in charge of development. She followed this by two years as cooperation officer in the French embassy in Panama. After two years with the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies, the operator of the Ministry of Education, she entered the École...

Clara Pinaud

Project Manager

Clara obtained a double bachelor's degree in economics/management and sociology at the University of Nice Côte d'Azur, followed by a master's degree in European and international studies in European business and politics at the University of Aix-Marseille. During these studies, she had the opportunity to study at the Budapest Business School in Hungary and was involved in an association, within the framework of the policy of the city of Nice in priority districts. After joining CIVIPOL for her end-of-study internship, she is now in charge of projects in the Public Administrations and Civil...

Anne-Laure Joedicke

Project Manager

A graduate in European Affairs and International Relations from the Institutes of Political Studies in Lille and Strasbourg, Anne-Laure first worked in Brussels, at the European Centre for Electoral Support. In 2015, she joined a French NGO specialised in supporting local democracy. For three years, she held the position of Coordinator of actions in the Maghreb. She then joined IDLO - the International Development Law Organisation, as Africa Project Manager, then EIP - the European Institute of Peace, where she worked mainly on conflict resolution issues in Yemen and DRC. Anne-Laure joined...

Magali Capitaine

Project Manager

Magali has a master’s degree in Management Sciences from the Graduate School of Management in Rennes. She worked from 1999 to 2004 in management control at the headquarters of the NGO Solidarités International. She also worked on several field projects (Balkans, Burundi, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo) as a project officer, financial and administrative coordinator, and regional controller. She then joined the AIDES association, which is dedicated to the prevention of HIV/Aids and hepatitis, where she worked from 2005 to 2017 as head of accounts and control at headquarters. She...

Sebastian Sperber

Head of Flow Control and Migration

Sebastian was born in 1977. He is a graduate of the University of Mannheim and Sciences Po Paris, where he studied economics and political science. After five years as a project manager at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, he joined the European Forum for Urban Security (EFUS) as a programme manager. He joined Civipol in 2016 as a project manager and in 2018 became head of the People Movement and Migration unit, where he is also responsible for Reform of the Security Sector.

Lisa Raffy

Project Manager

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Concordia University (Montreal), and a master’s in Conflict, Security and Development from the University of Sussex (Brighton, UK). She spent several years at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva, where she worked in the areas of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR), and prevention of violent extremism. She spent time in Mali and Iraq as part of her IOM missions, where she took charge of methodologies for intervention and for community stabilisation in zones where refugees. Lisa joined Civipol in...

Anne-Sophie Sandor

Project Manager

Anne-Sophie was born in 1992. She has a degree in Law from Lyon and Montreal, and a master’s in Criminology from Liège and Montreal. She joined CIVIPOL in July 2018 as a project manager in the People Movement and Migration unit, where she manages the ROCK project, among others.

Priscilla Bergeret

Cheffe de Pôle Identité

Priscilla graduated from Sciences Po Paris with a specialization in "Europe's professions". She began her professional career in 2004 at CIVIPOL as a project manager and then as head of the Project Administration department. In 2012, she leaves for expatriation to Vietnam and then Japan. There, she carries out numerous associative activities, notably within the professional network of women working in Japan, of which she was vice-president until her return to France. She joined CIVIPOL again in July 2020 as a project manager. She is notably in charge of the implementation of the technical...

Anne-Claire Zirnhelt

Head of Prevention of Terrorism and Organised Crime

Anne-Claire has a master’s in International Cooperation and Development from the Institut d’Études Politiques, Bordeaux. She worked for four years at Sofreco as a project manager in the Public Administration and Governance unit, then as project manager in the College of Europe in Bruges, where she developed and implemented training and reinforcement projects in European Affairs. She joined Civipol in 2014 and is today a unit head. She leads a team of eight people and a portfolio of around fifteen projects, such as “Fight Against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.” She is directly...

David Roux

Organe de contrôle

David holds a master’s in Geopolitics and International Relations from the Institut d’Études Politiques, Toulouse, and a master’s in Defence, Security and Crisis Management from IRIS Sup. He joined Civipol in March 2017. He manages several projects in the Prevention of Terrorism and Organised Crime unit, in particular in anti-money laundering in the Horn of Africa, and the reinstatement of the rule of law in the centre of Mali.

Guillaume Courchinoux

Project Manager

Born in 1993, Guillaume holds a joint French-Spanish diploma in Business and Economics, and a master’s in Development Economics and International Project Management. He joined CIVIPOL after his studies in October 2017, where he works in the Counter Terrorism unit. He manages the deployment of internal security forces in the Central African Republic, and mine clearance in Guinea-Conakry.

Jade Chemama

Project Manager

Jade achieved a master’s degree in Development Economics and International Projects Management (DEIPM) following an undergraduate degree in Economics and a first year master’s degree (Master 1) in International Trade and Globalisation at the Sorbonne. She joined CIVIPOL in 2017 as a Project Manager in the Fight Against Terrorism and Organised Crime unit.

Maria Angulo

Project Manager

Maria is an engineer. She holds a master’s degree in Economic Expertise of Development Policies and Projects from the Panthéon-Sorbonne University. She has seven years’ experience working in the field of development and ten in project management. Maria is an expert in identification, management and strategic evaluation and the impact of cooperation programmes in conflict and crisis regions. She is a specialist on Colombia in particular on issues relating to peace and armed conflict. She joined CIVIPOL in 2016 to lead the EL PAcCTO project to combat organised crime in South America.

Maria-Ignacia Pérez

Project Manager

Maria-Ignacia holds a degree in Commercial Engineering from the Catholic University of Chile and obtained a master’s degree in International Business Development in Paris. She joined CIVIPOL in January 2018. She is a Project Assistant for the Fight Against Terrorism and Organised Crime unit and works notably on the EL PAcCTO project to combat organised crime in South America together with Maria Angulo.

Pierre Collet

Project Manager

Pierre was born in 1990 and is a Law graduate from the Catholic University in Lille. He also graduated from the University of Toulon’s Public Services degree specialising in Security and Defence. He briefly worked for the Directorate for Cooperation of Security and Defence (DCSD – Direction de la Coopération de Sécurité et de Défense, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). He joined CIVIPOL in March 2018 first in the Public Services unit then in the Fight Against Terrorism and Organised Crime unit.

Étienne Huyghe

Doctoral student

Etienne holds a first year master’s degree (Master 1) in Public Law, first year master’s degree (Master 1) in Political Science and a master’s degree (Master 2) in International Relations, all from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. He is currently writing his PhD thesis on French cooperation policy in the area of security in the Sahel region. He was Assistant Rapporteur for the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs’ mission on ‘the presence and influence of France in international organisations and the European institutions.’ He has joined CIVIPOL as a doctoral student for the next...

Cavida Lamour

Project Manager

Cavida holds a personal assistant diploma (BTS – Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) and has held various PA roles. DShe worked first on external communications for the Ministry of National Education and Research where she assisted in the organisation of events such as the Education Fair and reception ceremonies for Ministers at the time. She then joined the public institution for the Villette park as assistant to the President and General Director. Following this she moved to Expertise France where she stayed for just over four years (2014-2019). For the first two years she was an Executive...

Marine Giudicelli

Project Manager

Born in 1992, Marine Giudicelli holds a Master's degree in Political Science with a specialization in International Cooperation and Development from the University of Montpellier.

In 2016, she will join the Business and International Relations Department within the General Management of Pôle Emploi as a position of Action and International Relations Officer. She will be in charge of various international projects aimed at developing public employment services in developing countries.                 

In August 2020, she joins Civipol as project manager within the Fight against Terrorism and...

Sofien Dubuis

Head of Project Assistants Unit

Sofien was born in 1988 and holds an undergraduate sandwich degree in management. He had an initial experience as a market manager at SEM92 (now Citallios) before spending a year as an international business volunteer in Morocco as an Administrative and Financial Manager for the French company MSA. He joined CIVIPOL in 2016 and worked in a support role for the operational positions in the Project Management Assistants unit which he now manages.

Patricia Horkawy

Assistante de gestion de projet

After her baccalaureate and a two-year university diploma (DEUG – Diplôme d'Études Universitaires Générales) in Spanish in Poland, Patricia completed a diploma (BTS – Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in sales and marketing in France and a Polish undergraduate degree in French as a foreign language. Patricia joined Sofreco as assistant to the Economics and Public Management Department after several brief experiences as an assistant in both the charity and business sectors. She went on to join CIVIPOL in 2017 supporting the management of operations and development.

Antoine Triffaux

Project Manager

After completing his Bachelor's degree in Applied Foreign Languages English-Spanish with a course in Business Administration at the University of Amiens, Antoine completed his third year of academic exchange at the National University of Colombia in Bogota, in Humanities and Business Administration. Holder of a Master in International Management - European Project Management, which he obtained at the University of Amiens, Antoine joined Civipol in January 2020 as a project assistant on the EL PAcCTO project to fight organized crime in Latin America. Since January 2021, he is in charge of...

Jésus Marval Castillo

Project Assistant

Jesus Marval holds a degree in Accounting/Auditing from the Rafael Urdaneta University of Venezuela (BAC + 3). After brief experiences as assistant accountant in a company dedicated to shrimp export and in a bank as auditor, he joined CIVIPOL in September 2019. He is a project assistant in the Fight against Terrorism and Organized Crime and Public Administration division.

Amel Belkhadra

Assistante de gestion de projet

Graduated in Performing Arts with a specialization in cinema and sound scenography, Amel becomes intermittent in the show business as a sound technician and participates in the production of several shootings and live shows. In 2006, she obtains a Level II professional title in International Project Management, then specializes in law and audiovisual marketing. After various experiences in the acquisition and sale of audiovisual rights, she joined the French Ministry of the Armed Forces in 2013, where she is in charge of the management and administration of the rights of the images resulting...

Sara Chemal

Project Assistant

Sara completed a BTS in accounting and organisational management in 2016 and a bachelor's degree in management control in 2017.  She then obtained a double degree at the ISC Paris business school where she followed a Master Grande Ecole in Audit Control Expertise and passed the DSCG (higher diploma in accounting and management) between 2018 and 2020. After several professional experiences in accounting firms, she joined CIVIPOL as a project management Assistant.