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    Posted on 06 January 2022

    Consulassist project is launched ! This project started in October 2021 and aims to spread knowledge about visa application fraud and explaining the ins and outs of fraudulent documents issuing. It consists of sessions of awareness raising and information exchange between European Immigration Liaison Officers and consular authorities in Asia and Ukraine.

    Hence, Consulassist had its first session organized buy the Interior Security Service of the French Embassy to China in Canton on 23-24th November; then in Hong Kong on December 2 and Beijing on December 16 for a dozen European consulates. Polish Border Police organized its session in Kiev on December 6-7 for Estonia, German, Latvian and Slovenian counterparts.

    Consulassist belongs to the Work Programme of the EU Network of Immigration Liaison Officers (ENILO).

    Consulassist Beijing Consulassist Beijing
    Consulassist launch conference - Canton Consulassist launch conference - Canton