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  • Prometheus Project: first trainings at Tbilisi Airport

    Posted on 12 March 2020


    On March 10th and 11th, the first Prometheus Project piece of training titled « Detection of the behavior of persons » was organized at Tbilisi International Airport.

    Dedicated to detect persons with « suspicious » behavior and conduct their interviews, this training created by the Safety Office of the French Central Border Police Directorate and validated by the Scientific Research National Center (CNRS) is delivered for the first time to Georgian police officers.

    This first session, eagerly awaited by Georgian authorities asking for training about detecting risk profiles, was led by Mrs Yvan Kara and Mahjoub Habibi. It was followed by 12 Georgian police officers coming from Tbilisi Airport and land borders with Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaïdjan.

    Alternating theory, role games, video and pratical exercises at international arrivals, this session generated a lot of enthusiasm from voluntary and participatory interns.It was concluded by a graduation ceremony attesting the participation of the Georgian police officers.

    formation formation
    formation formation