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Law enforcement in Central Asia


Objectifs du projet

The overall objective of the EU funded project LEICA is to build law enforcement capacities in

Central Asia, in order to enhance security both on a national and regional level, by providing technical assistance at national level based on in-depth needs analysis of each country, as well as thematic trainings at regional level.

LEICA will aim to :

  • Enhance regional and international counter-terrorism network and capacities in fighting Central Asia jihadists and militants,
  • Strengthen national capacities for prevention of radicalization in prisons,
  • Ensure the safe return of children and women of foreign terrorist fighters,
  • Reinforce the intelligence and information exchange between Judicial and Law Enforcement Authorities,
  • Enhance capacity for the Investigation on Internet,
  • Reinforce existing practices in financial investigation related to financing terrorism.


The project in figures

6,5 M€



Law Enforcement in Central Asia

  • 01 September 2020

    Start of the project

  • 10 November 2020

    kick off

  • 31 August 2024

    End of the project

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